Discover all the secrets to stay in shape!


For greater self-esteem


The logical next step, you might say. In the short term as well as in the long term (and it’s obviously going to crescendo) the regular practice of a sport reinforces self-confidence. You feel stronger, more capable physically but above all mentally. Because in sport, there is physical prowess, but the mind must also follow. And this mind works like a muscle.


Prepare your muscles


Don’t leave too quickly. Take care to warm up your muscles. Warm-up begins slowly and smoothly. It is oriented towards finding the pace of the legs, thanks to the use of small gears. Any sport activity puts more or less pressure on the body, taking it from rest to effort. These functional changes (increase in heart rate and respiration) cannot be carried out suddenly under any circumstances. This is why the body must be prepared to make the effort.


Know the trail markings


When hiking, it is essential to be able to find your way without difficulty, that is to say, to find your way and to know and “understand” the environment in which you live; in short, to know at all times where you are and how to reach a given destination.


Learn golf with a real teacher


Rarely do you learn to play golf by watching videos online or on the go with friends. The gesture of golf is very precise and requires perfect placement. To get started, you should take at least a few lessons with a real golf instructor who will show you the right gestures and correct your posture. This is essential to gain self-confidence, not to get discouraged from the start and to avoid hurting yourself!