Hiking is a wonderful exercise that allows you to experience the wonderful environment of the great outdoors. It is a mild cardio workout that you can enhance or decrease yourself. You can choose different terrains to increase or decrease the intensity. 

While it is a great outdoor exercise. But, it is not without many dangers that you need to be aware of. The protruding sharp rocks, deserted areas, wild animals, and other factors can put you in danger if you are not equipped with the essentials or choose a time when you are mostly alone. It is better to look out for these dangers to have a wonderful experience.



What are the probable dangers to be aware of?

Changing temperatures. 

When you are going up an elevation, the temperature is likely to drop. In this case, if you do not take comfortable clothes or additional layers along, you are likely to get very uncomfortable. Therefore, equipped with the best and comfortable clothes that you can take along. 

Choose the right time.

Choose a time that has light when you are coming down. You would not want to get lost in the darkness. Therefore opt for the morning hours where there is a good amount of sunlight to help you along the way, and there is less chance of getting lost.

Watch out for fast currents.

The river or streams during spring or summers can come with many high currents. They have the dangers of sweeping you along if you can’t swim. Watch out for those and try not to go through the deep ends. Keep on the safe side of the trails all through the hike. 

Try to go in a group.

It’s always safe to take someone along. Large groups are particularly safe and can assist anyone during the way if there is a problem. 


Hiking is fun and a great exercise. With a few tips, you will experience a safe and energizing trip without any fear of danger.